In Which Rachel Explains Her Predicament and Includes Her First Review

When my stomach revolts (due to my gastroparesis), I have to avoid solid foods throughout my work day, because let me tell you, crippling stomach cramps make it hard to concentrate on anything besides crippling stomach cramps. I do try to find pureed soups, but a lot of those contain heavy cream, which my stomach also isn’t always happy about.

News flash: my stomach is an asshole.

So my solution? Baby food. Baby food is relatively cheap, it contains the fruits and vegetables that I am often unable to eat in solid form, it is easily portable, and it is specifically formulated to be easy to digest.

Unfortunately, it also often tastes awful.

Allow me to guide you through the world of baby food.


Here we have Beechnut Just Pineapple, Kale, Apple, and Carrot, an organic slurry of fruits and veggies. Looks and smells like applesauce pooped in by a pineapple.


Tastes like watery applesauce, which is high praise for baby food. Three and a half stars.


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