Rachel Reviews More Beechnut Baby Food

Today on Rachel Reviews Baby Food, we have two delightful varieties of disturbing soylent veggie.


First up: Pear, Raspberry & Asparagus. Yes, asparagus. Why asparagus? Who thought, “Hey, you know what would make raspberries and pears taste better? Asparagus.” Who’s idea was this? Who the fuck knows. But I hate them.


It smells like feet and tastes like pear-flavored water with the vague aftertaste of feet. One and three-quarters stars.

Next: Mango, Carrot, Strawberry & Chia.


Whoa, guys. Slow down. That is a lot of things in one jar.


This one smells quite pleasantly of mangoes, but it looks like vomit. Once you get past the whole eating vomit thing, though, it’s pretty tasty. Three and a half stars.


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