Miso Hungry…Ugh, I Can’t Believe I Made that Joke…

I’ve been trying to eat more soup during this bout of stomach malfunction so I can feel like a big girl, but baby food continues to be the only viable easy way for me to eat veggies. Today, while surrounded by a family munching on 4th of July dead cow patties, fried tortilla triangles, and a kale salad (of which I was admittedly very jealous), I lunched upon instant miso soup and baby food.

So I eat A LOT of miso soup. It’s easy to digest, it has a lot of protein, and it tastes pretty good. I LOVE ramen, but I can’t usually eat the instant stuff, since part of the instant ramen process involves flash-frying the noodle cakes, and fried food is one of my deadliest enemies. However, while I was at my local Asian market, I happened upon this weird “health” ramen called GreeNoodle.


It cheerfully advertises the fact that it is both vegan and non-fried on the package, so I was already sold, but the noodles are also made of some kind of wacky veggie called moroheiya. The label proudly proclaims that it is “high of fiber” and that “each package contains approximately 15 Moroheiya leaves,” which seems like a weirdly specific thing to brag about, but whatever. For ramen, it DOES contain a lot of vitamin A and iron, as well as 8 grams of protein, and I need all of the nutrients I can get.


The soup looked appetizing enough once prepared, and it smelled like ramen all right. The noodles are green, but sort of speckled. I was unhappy to discover small pieces of seaweed in the soup, but I was able to fish them all out with my chopsticks without accidentally eating any (seaweed: another of my deadly enemies). This shit is good. As far as instant ramen goes, this is most certainly the best I’ve tasted. It still has a ramen-level of sodium in it – 790mg – but sodium is like the only thing I don’t have to worry about. 5/5. I’m getting more of this.

Then it was on to some baby food so I could get my fruit and veggies on. Fred Meyer had the sleepy bumble bee bullshit on sale, so I picked up Carrot & Apple flavor, figuring that no one could possibly fuck up Carrot & Apple.


It even looked fairly appetizing, like a pale orange apple sauce.


It actually tasted pretty good, like a vaguely carrot cake-flavored apple sauce. It’s not an exciting flavor, but it’s perfectly palatable, and it has 50% of a baby’s required vitamin A, which is…probably an okay amount of vitamin A? I don’t know, I’m not up on adult-to-baby nutrition ratios. 4/5. Not amazing, but tasty enough that I’d eat it again.

This was a pretty good lunch, all considering.


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